Join the Coburg Cycling Club

There are a few ways to become a part of the Club, and the Melbourne riding scene.  All membership options are currently handled via AusCycling or Bicycle Network.   Please have a look at the options below, but if you have any queries, or are not sure which license is best suited to you, just contact us, and we will make sure you have all the info you need to choose.

Non-racing Members

Option 1 – AusCycling Lifestyle Membership

Whether it’s to prepare for a big event ride, like the Round-the-Bay, your commute to work, or just for the opportunity to ride with like-minded people, a recreational membership will give you access to rides and activities to help you become a safer, fitter and stronger rider.

Recreational Members enjoy:

  • our club rides and training sessions at no cost
  • 24/7 insurance on any bike, anywhere in Australia (see the AusCycling website for full coverage details)
  • all our social events, including riding camps
  • ability to race in any club-level Time Trial in the country (TBC)

You can join Coburg Cycling Club as a Recreational Member and get immediate cover by clicking this link and following the instructions on screen: AusCycling Lifestyle Membership and make sure to select ‘Coburg Cycling Club’ during the registration process.

For more information, simply contact us and one of our Committee members will contact you.

Option 2 – Bicycle Network Membership

For cyclists that have no intention to race, Bicycle Network offers multiple membership options that can cover both you and your family and also provide the opportunity to support and be part of the club.

A membership through Bicycle Network offers many different benefits compared to AusCycling membership.  Many of our Coburg members actually have memberships with both organisations!

To join Bicycle Network and support the Coburg Cycling Club follow this link Bicycle Network – Coburg Cycling Club Membership

Racing Members

A Racing or “Gold” Licence is a requirement to start in any races at the Club, Combine and/or Open levels.

Racing members can enjoy:

  • all Club and Northern Combine races, including time trials, track racing, our summer criteriums, Northern Combine road races and all other club-level racing (e.g. Kew Crits run by Hawthorn Cycling Club)
  • 24/7 insurance on any bike, anywhere in Australia (see the AusCycling website for full coverage details)
  • Cycling Victoria “open” races – a higher standard of racing for those who love to compete with the best
  • Club rides and training activities

Racing Licences can be purchased online for immediate cover via: Race All Discipline Membership and make sure to select ‘Coburg Cycling Club’ during the registration process.

Want to Try Racing?

AusCycling offers a 4 week Free Trial membership, which allows club-level racing in all disciplines.

If you want more information on any racing licences or membership, please contact us.